eService Help

What is eService?

The eService application is the electronic repository for Notices of Service. Law enforcement officers can use the eService application to:

  • Print Notices of Service
  • Export Notices of Service to their personal devices.
  • Return Notices of Service

The Administrative Rules of Practice and Procedure laid out by the Kentucky Supreme Court govern the eService application.

Logging on to the eService Application

To access eService, the user must first log on to KYeCourts. The table below details the steps to get to the eService application.

Logging on to the eService Application

Navigating to the eService

After successfully logging in, you will see the eService dashboard:

Navigating to the eService Application

The toolbar on the eService dashboard is comprised of five options. A description of the function of each option is listed below:

eService Toolbar

The eService system will log users out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If this occurs, the user should log in again using the steps provided by the user guide.

Navigating the “My eServices Tab”

The “My eServices” screen is the default page for the eService Dashboard. As users print and complete Notices of Service, the list will change to reflect the most current status.

The top of the “My eServices” screen is composed of six buttons and a blank field. The table below shows an image of each and a description of each button’s purpose of eService.

eService Tab.png

The results of any searches and/or the New, Printed, and Completed buttons are displayed in a list comprised of nine column headers that provide identifying information about the envelope. The table below describes each columns’ function.

eService Tab 2.png

Navigating the Notifications Tab

Users can use the Notifications option on the toolbar to view information about Summons packages they have returned via eService. Each notification also functions as a link from the notification to the Summons package directly, eliminating the need to search using the eService Dashboard screen.

A small yellow bell icon to the right of Notifications notifies users of pending notifications. This icon turns white once the user goes to Notifications and views all new notifications.


Clicking Notifications, displays the KYeCourts Notifications screen. This screen displays all notifications in the order of oldest to newest with a maximum of ten entries displayed per page. The image below shows an example of the KYeCourts Notifications screen.

eService Notifications

eService notifications are displayed with four column headers designed to provide a synopsis of the notification. The table includes:

Notifications Tab

Envelope Number: Displays an icon with the envelope number created for a case by eService.

Notification Type: Displays the origin of notification.

Sent Date: Displays the date the notification was sent to the user.

Subject: Displays the general subject of the notification.

Navigating from the Notifications Screen to a Case

To move from the Notifications screen to the case, select the envelope icon for the notification you wish to examine. Once you have cliked the Details button or on the KYeCourts Read notification screen, you can see if the envelope has been accepted or rejected by the Clerk.

You can also cycle through all notifications with the Previous and Next buttons, as well as remove a notification from active view with the Archive button.

Printing a Summons Package

printing summons page

When the summons package is printed, it will move from the New category to the Printed category. Please remember that this only occurs if the summons package is actually printed. If a user closes the PDF dialogue box without printing, it will remain the New category.

Returning a Summons Package

returning the summons package

returning summons package 2

return summons 3

return summons 4

Verifying the Status of a Summons Package

When a summons package is returned electronically to the clerk, it displays in the Completed category on the eService Dashboard screen. Here the Print icon under the Packages column goes away and is replaced by an Envelope icon. The image below shows what this icon looks like in the eService application.

verifying summons package

Selecting the Envelope icon displays a summary window detailing the specifics of the summons package that was returned to the clerk. For example, the image displayed below gives us a clear idea of what occurred when the summons package was returned.

envelope summary

If we return to that same summons package after a clerk has approved it, then we notice some distinct changes:

summons verifying.png

The approved summons package summary has a Status field of Filed and shows affidavit of service in the Processed Document field.