How the Office of Circuit Court Clerk Can Help

The Office of Circuit Court Clerk in your county can provide the legal forms necessary to file a case and explain common court rules and procedures. It is important to remember that the clerk cannot give you legal advice. Click here for contact information for all 120 County Circuit Court Clerk offices. The following is a general guide for how the clerk can and cannot assist you:

Clerk may…

Provide factual information (who, what, when, where and how) on your case.

Explain common court rules, procedures and legal terminology.

Describe how to file a complaint or pleading.

Provide brochures for presenting evidence in court.

Provide sites to statutes and court rules.

Provide directions on how to request a continuance.

Explain what to do when a lawsuit has been settled.

Explain the process for appealing the judge’s decision.

Provide information about past rulings in a case.

Provide forms and instructions.

Clerk may not…

Answer questions that require an opinion.

Suggest which of available procedures a litigant should follow.

Advise whether to file, whom to name, damages to seek, arguments to include or responses to make.

Recommend techniques, questions to ask or objections to raise.

Provide interpretation or conduct legal research.

Recommend a continuance.

Recommend when or whether to settle a lawsuit.

Recommend whether to appeal to a judge’s decision.

Predict what the court will do in the litigant’s case.

Recommend a lawyer.

Suggest information to be entered on a form.

Advise on the statue of limitations on your claim.