Some case types are only available for electronic filing in limited jurisdictions. Current eFiling pilots include:

  • Forcible Detainer: Initial and subsequent filings. Currently excludes eFiling a warrant of possession.
  • Probate: Subsequent filing only.

Available actions in eFiling appear in the drop-down box when starting an envelope. If you don’t see an option for a particular case type, that means the action is unavailable for eFiling in the selected jurisdiction. Check back periodically for new additions to eFiling.

Pilots Screen

Sealed Cases

eFiling is not permitted in sealed cases. If you have a document that you wish to file under sealed case, you must file conventionally.


Non-Conforming Documents

Pursuant to the eFiling rules, documents must meet formatting and technical requirements before they can be submitted. Some examples of non-conforming documents include:

  • Garnishments
  • Notices of Submission (AOC Form 280)
  • Video or Audio Files