How do I become an eFiler?

To be authorized to eFile, Attorneys must complete eFiling training under the eLearning app. This online training has been approved by the Kentucky Bar Association for 2.0 CLE credit hours. Paralegals and other support staff cannot receive eFiling certification, but are encouraged to take this online course. Questions regarding this eFiling training can be sent to or by phone at 502-782-8699 ext. 50109 during the regular business hours, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday. The training is available in KYeCourts under the e-learning tile or available in person at our live-training events.


I’m having trouble logging in.

If you know your username, plug the username into the username field and click <Forgot Password.> An email will be sent to the email address on record for your account that will contain a link to reset your password. This link will expire after an hour.

If you do not know your username, contact e-court support at 502-573-2350 x50109

Username and Password




I cannot find the party I’m looking for in CourtNet 2.0.

If you cannot locate a party, change your search parameters to broaden your search. For instance, try searching by “sounds like” criteria or “begins with” criteria. Be aware that guest users will not be able to access cases that have already had a disposition ruling. For information on those cases, please contact your local circuit court clerk.

startswithsearch2I cannot access the case data sheet.

When you retrieve search results, if the case number is not an active hyperlink, contact e-court support for further assistance.

The system is requesting a PIN. What’s that?

If you have not yet set your PIN, you will need to do so before being able to access any confidential case data. PIN numbers are reset in the user profile application.


How do I copy other people to my notices?

You can automatically duplicate your e-filing notifications and have them directed to other email addresses. To do so, access your user profile, select the tab labeled “Additional Emails” and enter the name and email addresses of the people with whom you’d like to share notifications. Please note that anyone designated in this way will receive notifications in every case you have e-filed into.

additional emails

Can I eFile sealed documents?

No, you may not electronically file sealed documents or motions to seal documents.

How do I treat the VS-300?

It can be e-filed but should only be e-filed under the document category labled VS-300. Doing so restricts access to the document to the parties and attorneys who are e-filing into the case.

I’m filing into an existing case but I don’t appear in the drop-down menu.


In this instance, use the drop-down menu and click “Not in List, Add to Case.” There is no need to add an attorney as a party if they are the e-filer unless they are also a litigant.

What is the client id field used for?

The client id field is used in conjunction with your in-office client traffic software. You may elect to input your office’s assigned client id value into this field. Doing so will carry that information into the CSV fields that are generated when you export your dashboard.

The eFiling system is saying I “…must accept a valid attorney party type.” What does that mean?

If you receive this message, contact e-court support immediately.

Can I select multiple methods of service on any given party?

Yes, you may. You may utilize multiple methods of service and multiple addresses for service to be completed on.

Why is my sheriff not included in the drop-down menu of the service tab?

Sheriffs not listed are not participating with the electronic filing service. You will need to present the service package to the sheriff and pay their service fees.

How do I electronically file an amended complaint?

If they are amending the complaint because there hasn’t been a response to the complaint as of yet, or if they have been granted leave to file an amended complaint, then you will select a subsequent filing and build an envelope under the following configuration:

Answer or other responsive pleadings
Amended complaint

How do I issue an alias summons?

In order to issue an alias summons, you will create a subsequent file into that case, select service issues and file proof or reissue. The system will ask you to identify the party for whom you are seeking an alias summons. Please note, this system will not allow the e-filer to issue an alias summons if the prior generated service package was not e-filed by that same e-filer within the past 60 days.

Can I eFile the AOC-280 form?

No, it needs to be conventionally filed.