Getting Started

Are all eFiled documents viewable in CourtNet 2.0?

Some documents are not available for public view in CourtNet 2.0, including Preliminary and Final Disclosure Statements and the VS 300. Parties to the action will receive these documents through the eRetrieval link that comes with the Notice of Electronic Filing, or should be served conventionally on persons who are not registered eFilers.

Is the Kentucky eFiling system the same as the Federal Courts PACER system?

No, the two systems are different. Separate account login information is required to access either system.

How does electronic filing benefit the Courts?

Kentucky Courts will see benefits that include:

  • Reduced delays in retrieving court records.
  • Electronic and automated docketing and scheduling.
  • Ability to view electronically filed or scanned cases anytime during the day without searching for the physical case file.
  • Reduced file storage.

How does electronic filing benefit attorneys?

Benefits for Kentucky attorneys who participate in eFiling include saving time, gas and money.  Other benefits to using the electronic filing system include:

  • Ability to file and view cases or documents outside of regular business hours.
  • Electronic service to other registered filers.
  • Ability to receive notices, orders and judgments from the court electronically.
  • Elimination of courier fees.
  • Reduction of postage or overnight delivery expenses.
  • Reduction of office supplies and photocopies.
  • Less space needed for file rooms.

Who is eligible for eFiling?

Registration for eFiling is currently limited to:

  • Licensed attorneys in good standing with the Kentucky Bar Association who have completed eFile certification;
  • Judges and their staff; and
  • Court administrative staff, including technical support staff.

What should I do if they have a document that does not conform to eFiling format requirements?

If a filer has a document which cannot conform to eFiling documentation requirements (i.e., video or audio recordings, large maps, etc.) then it must be filed conventionally with electronic notice given to all parties. Exhibits or attachments containing color images may be eFiled, but must also be conventionally filed for the record.

What browsers does the eFiling system support?

The eFiling system is compatible with Internet Explorer version 8 and above, as well as most other modern browsers