Filing Basics

How do I file redacted documents?

eFilers must comply with CR 7.03 on privacy protections for filings made with the court. A redacted copy should be eFiled and the eFiler will maintain the original, unredacted copy in his or her files.

Do documents need to be converted to a specific format before they can be filed?

Yes. Conversion to PDF/A or PDF format is required. Additionally, eFiled documents must meet the same requirements of format and page limits as paper documents conventionally filed pursuant to the Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure and the Local Rules of Court, including page and word limits.

Additional requirements include the following:

  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ size;
  • At least 200 dot-per-inch (DPI) resolution;
  • No unintelligible images (e.g., no all-black images);
  • Documents must not be secured, password-protected, or have other features limiting access;
  • No document shall contain any external hyperlinks; however, URLs are permissible;
  • Only readable word and viewable pictures or images, and valid, non-corrupted tables shall be included;
  • Documents must not be corrupted (e.g., a corrupt file having -0- bytes of data);
  • Documents must comprise the complete image or file. The eFiler must ensure and verify that uploads to the eFiling system are properly completed.

If opposing counsel or other attorneys on my case are eFilers in a case, must I still use conventional service methods to ensure my documents are delivered?

No. Upon the electronic filing of a document, the court’s eFiling system will automatically generate and send a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) to all eFilers/parties associated with that case, along with a hyperlink to the electronic document. Transmission of the NEF with a hyperlink to the electronic document constitutes service of the filed document under CR 5. No other service on those parties is required.

Parties not registered as eFilers must be served through conventional methods.

How can I tell whether other attorneys are eFilers in a case?

To determine if other attorneys on your case are registered eFilers, click on the “Service” tab within your case and the name of each registered attorney will appear along with the preferred method of service.

What do I do if my login credentials have been compromised?

If an eFiler believes that the security of his/her electronic identity has been compromised or that a threat to the system exists, the eFiler must notify the AOC eFiling website administrator immediately.

Is the Client ID number required to file a case?

No. The Client ID field is an optional field available to aid an eFiler for case tracking and accounting in their own office.

What happens when a document is not accepted for eFiling?

If the Circuit Clerk has denied an electronic filing, the envelope’s status will change to reflect the “Denied” status icon on the “My eFilings” tab.

The filer will also receive a notification of the denial on the Notifications tab and through the eFiler’s registered email address. This notification will detail additional elements necessary for approval.

Can more than one document be filed in a case envelope?

Yes. Multiple documents may be filed in a single case envelope in the eFiling system.

Are there any file size limitations for eFiling envelopes?

The total size of any envelope in eFiling is 50MB (Megabytes). Multiple documents may be filed in an envelope as long as the combined file size of all documents attached does not exceed the 50MB limit for envelopes.

Does a filer need any special programs or applications for the eFiling system?

A filer can access the eFiling system via an internet browser. However, since the system only accepts PDF/ PDF-A formats for attachments a filer should have a PDF generator/ convertor.

Does the caption of an eFiled document need to include certification that the document was submitted electronically?

In addition to the caption requirements set out in CR 10.01, each document filed electronically must also indicate in the caption that it has been electronically filed.

When eFiling a motion, how does a filer schedule the motion to be heard at motion hour with the Court?

Motions can be filed as part of any initial or subsequent filing in the eFiling system.  When the motion is created, a filer will need to select one of the following options:

  • Hearing Not Required.
  • Hearing not Required means the filer does not believe a hearing is necessary.
  • Hearing Date as Provided by the Court.
  • Hearing Date Provided by the Court allows a filer to enter in a hearing time according to local motion hour practice or other local scheduling practice.

Do I need to retain documents after they have been eFiled?

An original document such as a will, voucher, bond, oath, mortgage document, birth certificate, foreign judgment, or other certified or verified document which has been scanned and filed in the eFiling system pursuant to Section 8(6)(b), and any document requiring or otherwise containing an original signature other than that of the eFiler which has been scanned and filed in the eFiling system must be maintained in paper form by counsel and/or the firm representing the party on whose behalf the document was filed until after all periods for appeals expires.

Upon the request of the court or other party, counsel must provide the original document for review or inspection.

How do I submit tendered or proposed documents (i.e. proposed orders, jury instructions, findings of fact and conclusions of law) to the Court?

These documents may be submitted in PDF or PDF/A as well as in a editable format capable of being read by Microsoft Word, and should be identified as “proposed.”

How do I eFile documents if I first need to acquire leave of court?

If the filing of an electronically submitted document requires leave of court, such as an amended complaint or a document to be filed out of time, the eFiler should attach the proposed document as an attachment to the motion requesting leave to file. If the court grants the motion and allows the proposed document, the  eFiler must refile the proposed document to make it part of the record.

Why isn’t my Sheriff’s office listed?

Only Sheriff’s offices where eFiling has been implemented are available for participation. Participating Sheriff’s offices will be added as eFiling implementation continues across the state.