Fees FAQs

Are there any fees associated with eFiling?

There is no cost to register for an eFiling account and there is no fee to file documents electronically. However, filling fees still apply. If you are submitting a new case or a document with associated fee or cost, the payment must be submitted in order for your documents to be filed.

How do I pay filing fees?

At the end of your session as you prepare to pay the fees, there is an additional service fee of 3% of the total eFiling envelope transaction amount charged by LexisNexis (our payment vendor) which must be paid at that time.

Like other types of eFilings, filing fees for new cases are due and payable at the time of filing. The filer may use a credit card or electronic check to pay fees online.

Note: If the filing does not require a fee to be paid, nothing is due at the time of filing. Most subsequent filings do not have fees.

What if the jurisdiction assesses additional fees?

DRC Fees: Domestic Relations Commissioner fees are not collected up front with eFilings. Per FCRPP 4(5), DRC fees should be paid through the office of the circuit court clerk and shall be due on the fifth working day following the conclusion of the hearing.