Search Options

Search by Party provides a range of criteria to help locate the desired case and narrow the respective results.  You should use this search when you are looking for a specific party to a case.  “Primary” party type includes both plaintiff and defendant.  You can search with as little information as first and last name. Other identifiers such as birth date, social security number, and drivers’ licenses number, will significantly aid in returning better qualified, matching records.  The more information you enter to define your search, the better your search results will be in meeting your expectations.  Search by Party also provides the ability to execute statewide searches, filter for active cases and limit results based on a scheduled event date range.


When executing a search, you must provide at least one of the following combinations:

  • Last Name AND First Name AND Birth Date
  • Last Name AND First Name
  • DLN
  • SSN (not available to all users)
  • County AND Event Range

Search by Case

You can search by Case if you have the case number and the County of origin. You must have both pieces of information to conduct the search.  Statewide searching is not available for Case Search.



Search by Citation

You can search by citation if you have the required information. To find a specific citation you will need the year the citation was written, the control number and type.
Click view example citation to see where required information is located.



Search by Business

When searching by Business, you will need the business name and county of origin.   Search by Business is not an exact search because business name is not tracked separately from party name. This search logic uses “starts with”  in identifying matches. (For example, entering Bank in the search will return Bank of Lexington, Bank of America, etc.)