How Do I Get Certified to eFile?

Virtual Training Opportunities

Live virtual trainings are available on a limited basis.  Register for virtual training here.

Online Training and Certification is always available at KyeCourts.

The Appellate eFiling Certification course must be completed online to be certified to eFile with the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Online Certification

Attorneys wishing to eFile must complete training which has been approved by the Kentucky Bar Association for 2.0 CLE credit hours. Attorneys wishing to eFile with the Appellate Courts must also complete the Appellate eFiling Certification course. Paralegals, secretaries or other support staff are welcome to register along with an attorney. Our online certification program is simple to navigate and can be taken at your convenience.

Online training will require the use of a supported browser to view eLearning modules. These include Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.  Internet Explorer is not supported and should not be used as known issues will arise regarding course completion and certification.

You must start the eLearn session in private browsing mode in order to complete the video and receive eFiling credentials.

Take the course in its entirety in one sitting if possible.  However, should you leave the course and return to it you will have the option to pick up where you left off or start again.

To begin:

  1. Log in at KYeCourts.
  2. Click the eLearning Tile on the apps dashboard.apps2
  3. Select the play button to the right of eFiling Certification to launch the course.elearning certification
  4. The course will launch automatically.eFiling Video Screen shot
  5. The rules presentation must be completed first. You will then be asked to complete ten review questions. After completing the questions, you will be given access to the eFiling step-by-step tutorial.
  6. Upon successful completion of the tutorial you will receive CLE information and be certified to eFile.  To activate your eFiling certification you will need to log out and then log back into the KYeCourts application.