Top 10 eFiler Mistakes & Fixes

Here’s a quick overview of the most common efiling mistakes and how to fix them quickly!

Question Answer
What do I do if I realize I filed incorrectly? If a filer realizes a mistake has been made and they have not yet received the Notification of Court Processing, they may reach out to the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county in which they filed and have them return it as part of the two-day remediation process. Once returned, the eFiler will be able to make corrections within 48 hours and resubmit to retain the original filing date.



How do I resubmit an envelope as part of the two-day remediation process?

Helpful Hint: If a change in the envelope changes the amount owed, the filer will be required to pay the new amount before submitting the envelope. A refund will then be triggered for the original amount and will be sent in the form of a check from the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

If you navigate to your list of eFilings, you will notice that the returned envelope is a different color. Select the envelope number of the returned envelope.

You will then select “Resubmit” which will provide you with an option to change the submission. Changing the submission will allow you to choose different configurations for what you want to eFile.

Selecting “No” will keep the current configurations and take you into the envelope. Once in the envelope you may make the necessary changes and resubmit.



May I file a Notice of Appeal? Changes to the eFiling system are expected soon which will provide the ability to eFile a notice of appeal from district to circuit court. The system is not yet configured for appeals to the Court of Appeals.
Do I need to upload a summons when requesting service?



No, under the “Party Information” tab you will have the ability to choose what service methods you would like. The summonses will be generated automatically by the system.



When eFiling, should I identify myself as the party I am representing?


No, when eFiling into a case for the first time, the system will require you to identify yourself. There will be a drop down list of existing parties, if your name is not appearing in that list you must choose “Not in List, Add Me to this Case”.


How should Amended/Third Party/Intervening Complaints be eFiled?



The eFiling rules say that Amended/Third Party/Intervening Complaints should be filed by the attorney as an exhibit with any Motion for Leave and order.


Once the Judge has ruled on the motion you may eFile the Amended Complaint, add a new party, and request service by selecting the configuration, Answer or Other Responsive Pleading and then choosing what you are filing from the next drop-down menu.


Why is a sheriff is not listed when requesting personal service? If selecting personal service and a sheriff’s department is not appearing on the list then they are not currently participating in eFiling. You may choose “Return to Filer” as the method of service and the system will generate the service package you may print it and then provide it to the sheriff’s department.
How do I select a hearing when eFiling a motion? On the attachment section after uploading your PDF, you will select the hearing from the drop-down menu. It will list an upcoming scheduled event, which you may select. You may choose hearing to be held at convivence of the court or hearing not required. If you want to select a specific date and time then you will choose hearing date as provided by the court.
How do I sign a document that I want to eFile? You may electronically sign a document by listing your name preceded by an “/s/” or you may use a handwritten signature and then scan and upload the document.
What if I have additional questions about eFiling?


Contact eCourt Support at 502-573-2350 ext. 50109.